Let Them Eat Kale

Nevin Martell, from The Washington PostWashingtonPostExpressLogo Express, spent some time with The Kid and the Kale’s Katie Waterson recently. They discussed the new superfood in town, kale, and some options for introducing this nutritious veggie into your toddler’s meals. WashingtonPostExpressArticle

“I was trying to find ways to put greens into [my son’s] food as early as possible,” she says. “I’d mix it into tomato sauce or quinoa. Now he loves it sauteed with a little olive oil and garlic.”

Those cooking sessions — coupled with her frustration over being unable to find fresh, flavorful premade baby foods — inspired her to design her own options for kids.

“Making our own foods felt like another full-time job,” she says. “Weekends would be spent researching, shopping, chopping, roasting and pureeing. So I understand why a lot of parents give up on it and go to shelf-stable foods. I want The Kid and the Kale to be an alternative to that.”

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